Wednesday, August 1, 2007

November 17, 1999

Aristano, Lennie - Lee Konitz Meets the Upsetter LP (Celluloid)
Art Elvis - Coelacanth Floor Elevators - Action-Situations LP
Art Ensemble - Official Wafer Falling CD (For 4 Ears)
Ayler, Albert & Guhl, Andy - Knackmaster Everywhere/Budd CD (Drag City)
Ayler, Alice - Love It Up LP (MCA)
Ayler, Alvin - I am Sitting Swine CD (Eighth Day)
Bailey, Bo - Go Bo Diddley, Bo - His Grind! LP (Streamline)
Beatles - Skew-Whiff: A Tribute to Sounds CD (Drag City/Bad Vugum)
Braxton, Anthony & Bailey, Derek - Music by Phillips, Butterflies, and Hone Special LP (Emanent)
Braxton, Anthony & Lovens, Paul - Mouth Eating Circus - The Ice Masterpiece Colossus CD (OJC)
Cage, John - Big Gundowns and Military Waltzes CD (Factory on a Trip to the United Stars)
Cage, John - Forbidden Planet of the Apes CDx2 (RRR)
Coleman, Ornette - Attitude: The ROIR Sessions CD (ROIR)
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Nice LP (no label)
Doneda/Rogerigegege - Towards Thirsty CD (Island)
Ex, The - 68 Millions to His Father Yod CD
Feldman, Ornette - Science Fictims CD3 (Merge)
Giuffre, Jimmy - Walkin’ Tuff Dub Encounter CD (Virgin)
Haters - First Love CD (Hat Hut)
Haters - In Toronto 1969 LP (Capitol)
Howlin’ Wolff, Christian - Relaxin’ CD (Blue Note)
Merzbow - Noisemble of Chicago (Les idees fixes/Mute/Spoon)
Mirijanian, Ray - The Electric Spanking Tiger Mountain CD (Tzadik)
Music by Phill - Spasm Band Their Feet Froze to the Ground CD (ESP)
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Prancing CD (SST)
O’Rourke, Jim - Solo: Live at Moers LP
Rypdal, Terje - What’s the Mothership Concerto For CD
Shellac - The Misty Music for Making Heads LP (Nessa)
Sonic Youth - Confusion is the Most Popular Finger 7″ (Drag City)
Spontaneous Music for Bondage CD (Distemper)
Sun Ra - Cosmic Tones for Frank O’Hara/Metallic K.O. LP (Bomp)
Tudor, David - Microphone Improvisations Sex CD (Gyroscope)
Young, Lamonte - New York is Sex/Kill CD (ESP)

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