Monday, July 21, 2008

October 12, 2006

10:07:49 [D—] Hello, are you there?
10:19:02 [Seth] yes
10:24:17 [D—] I usually dont ask priviledges but you have a song I have been trying to get for a while and whenever you're on the queue is huge and when I get closer to top either you log off or i "lose" places in the queue
10:24:32 [D—] Is there a way i could get it? maybe a trade of songs or whatever?
10:30:17 [Seth] sure, I'll cut you to the front of the line
10:30:23 [Seth] you know about the Portsmouth Sinfonia, right?
10:34:39 [D—] nope
10:34:43 [D—] and thanks a lot!
10:35:03 [D—] I just had like 15-20 seconds of piano music on my computer
10:35:06 [D—] unidentified
10:35:23 [D—] so I asked a pianist for some help identifying the music
10:35:32 [D—] and odds are it is that song that you have
10:35:58 [D—] I am far from knowledgeable when it comes to classical music, but I did find this one beautiful :)
10:45:48 [Seth] this probably isn't the version you want; the Portsmouth Sinfonia is made up of people who don't know how to play their instruments
10:46:11 [D—] oh
10:46:40 [D—] thought it was "serious" since its bach
10:46:56 [Seth] I dunno, the piece might be recognizable... barely
10:47:24 [D—] guess the original will be hard to find
10:48:06 [D—] lol yeah thats definitely not the song I was looking for

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