Wednesday, December 19, 2007

February 11, 1997

Shopped at the suburban-style Dominick’s on Ridge the other day. Suburban-style means there is no fence around the parking lot to keep you from stealing carts. Also the selection of roach bait is smaller.

On sale: fresh pineapples, two dollars! I just ate one. I didn't mean to eat the whole thing but suddenly it was all gone. Honey tangerines are back in season — I’m in citrus heaven. (Though, I have two free grapefruit on my desk which I don't think I'll eat. Grapefruit are bigger than normal fruit like apples, but smaller than big fruit like melons. Which is disturbing. Plus, they are no particular color. Also disturbing.)

The new Veggie Fajita Wrap at Taco Bell gets a lukewarm thumbs up, but I still think they should bring back the Chicken Club Burrito and lower the price on the "Big" Beef Meximelt (smallest thing on the menu).

Grated parmesan: tastes better stale!

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